Brian J. Gregory, Notary Public

Notary Public Services Price List

Estate Planning Services:
Simple will for an individual: $250.00
Wills Notice (per filing) ($74.58 inclusive) $50.00
Wills Registry Search (per search)$40.00
Advance Health Directives$200.00
Codicils (maximum of two changes only) $150.00
Enduring, General, or Long Form Power of Attorneys$150.00
Representation Agreements (formerly Living Wills)$150.00
Notarizations (per signature): Up to 3 are $40.00, each additional one is$10.00
(Note: We do not notarize marriage contracts or separation agreements. Divorce OK.)
Exhibits to Affidavits (each)$10.00
Witnessing by non-notary staff members (per signature)$5.00
Form completion minimum fee$10.00
Printing out documents from disk, CD or e-mail$25.00
Scanning documents and emailing them$25.00
Mailing or couriering documents$25.00
Certified True Copies: Up to 3 are $40.00, each additional one is $10.00
Preparing a Letter of Invitation to Canada (includes notarization)$70.00
Preparing a Travel and Custody of a Minor document (includes notarization)$70.00
Preparing an Affidavit or Statuatory Declaration (per page) (includes notarization) $70.00
Preparing for an Individual a Legal Name Change document (includes notarization)$70.00
Notarial Certificate of Identity$50.00
Notarial Certificate of True Copy$50.00
Notarial Certificate of Good Standing$50.00
Conveyancing & Refinancing:
Preparation of Contract of Purchase and Sale$360.00
Conveyances (acting for Purchaser) $440.00
Conveyances (acting for Vendor) $300.00
Conveyances with values in excess of $16,000,000 are an extra $250.00
Preparation of GST or HST rebate forms$100.00
New Mortgages$440.00
Preparing Leases or Assignment of Leases$480.00
Discharge of Mortgages$250.00
Account deposits$75.00
Certifying a cheque or replacing a trust cheque with a bank draft$75.00
Holding Funds in Trust (included in conveyance up to 30 days)$100.00
Registering a Change of Mailing Address on Land Title Registration$200.00
Preparing a Subject Removal$200.00
Miscellaneous Services:
Lien or Title Searches (including disbursements)$40.00
Corporate Name Change$220.00
Registration of Proprietorship$200.00
Registration of Partnership$250.00
Registration for Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax (PST)$50.00
Registration of Security Interest or Builder's Lien$230.00
Registration of Corporate Annual Report$160.00
Buy and Sell Agreements$360.00
Vancouver hospital, office or home visits $150.00
Lower Mainland (except Vancouver) hospital, office or home visits $300.00

The above prices exclude rush fees, disbursements and taxes. These are our normal prices, however, we reserve the right to charge higher prices if the particular task is more complex than is normally encountered. Fees may be amended if unforeseen circumstances arise.For example, business conveyances, or conveyances of property on Indian reservations, would likely require a higher fee due to the greater complexity of these transactions. If you wish a quotation for a service including all disbursements please give us a phone call as prices vary on the circumstances of each transaction. For services not listed above our hourly rate of $200.00 applies.

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